Wind Cuffer




In the pause afore the gnarl and bite

Of a winter reluctant to feast upon us

The kestrel lands gossamer air light

Pensive between fence and morsel of wood.


Spitfire cousin of the buzzard

A filament of wing and feather

Braided into the undergrowth.


Any reward is unseen

Measured in slower time in larger beats.



MALAWI 06 147 (2)

(A quick game of football in Malawi-bare feet, sugar cane and big smiles: thanks ST :))


Calamity Springs From Carelessness’


Just as the slightest undulation

On rough ground destroys balance

So any slight give or fade can lose

Conflicts in or out your gi.


As seasons create growth

They hide that decay in tending actions

Weed out the poverty of thought or deed

Usher in like illuminati clear gaze

Both with een* shut and eyes open.

E and B


(Herol Graham, champion boxer)

This from a joint reading with another writer, Ross Wilson. We tried to contrast the two martial arts of boxing and karate.

Equilibrium and Balance

Herol Graham, Sugar Ray had it

Balance and strike, retreat unbroken.

Dance to a rhythm until the final blow.

All Senseis, Masters us do fail

Beyond the ropes, the dojo are people

Lost loves, vices, enemies that make Yahara

A Foreman, A Hopkins, A Duran greet fer mercy.

All arts, would make us better, more complete

Match inner worth to an outer equilibrium..

Still keep that guard up, stance ready

Body and soul tempered.


‘Are You ready’..(ichi,ni,san…)