The Edinburgh Half Marathon from Hell (Rock On)


looking back

Like dafties we paid siller for pain

Breaking joints and spine on Edinburgh’s outlying lungs

The Arctic blast in April filleted the SAS team out;

Never mind the bands playing to the blue skinned

Natives and guests from all parts.


Yet it is as nothing to what hunger does,

What hatred carves out in many a heart and place

When you have a finish that is there not hidden

There is not much to get over

Just some pure Scottish rain pelting Saint and Sinner alike.



Having had a good response to a running piece-here’s one for all and KS-time for another?

Mostar Brig


Nae a body in sicht

In this summer whaur even tyres melt

Gone from the burns an yird

Bairns blasted tae smithereens fae baith faiths

Equal magisteria doun in the glaur

Unsullied in saul an speerit lik yon skinklin stane.

Sodgers fer wronged Prophets naethin

But murderers fae heid tae toe

Savagery is aye mair aboot pain

Thair pain, thair feelings o sma beings lost

Kennin we are

Jist sea spray on a wee planet

Dinna mourn thair defeat

A lang or short demise.

*I visited the bridge a few years ago


Nae-no, sicht-sight, whaur-where, yird-earth, bairns-children, baith-both, glaur-mud, saul-soul, sodgers-soldiers, kenning-knowing, dinna-don’t, their-their.

Lomond Hill Run

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It tested you that gut wrenching run

Up from the village keeping tight by the pine tree line

Burst a lung and cerebellum over rock, mound and mud

West Lomond’s skirts demanded blood, sweat, dying legs.


Knee strip support and mair* rests than Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’

Means I can still make it-

See Perthshire and the guts of Scotland beyond

Savour that kestrel level view forever.


Mair-Scots for more.