Nicola Sturgeon is Alone

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Nicola Sturgeon is still there-alone

The sign that holds her name:

Black marks on a pure white rectangle

Has lost its twin marking the Time.


The hall meeting is past, history

Still it stands as the small haar lifts;

It is the morning after the vote.

No one has moved her, no one has taken it.


It seems nothing has changed

It has, and nothing is yet written

What and who will be on other signs, other markers.

The Man Who Spoke

*Recent visit (and now revisit) of Ed Miliband, Labour Party leader to Scotland speaking of ‘social justice’


And lied to himself and us

Saying ‘social justice’ with phonemic litany

Without a foundation of purpose or history.


An intellect misappropriated for power

Standing with those who sell the undeserving poor.


A racist Party debated with the Deputy Prime Minister

As this nation debated its essence.


Not anger, not regret but surprise at the spectacle-

Flag waving, jubilees do not disguise decay.


Whatever the poll result

A new start has been made.


As The Bruce never said,

‘We won’t gie in’.