Photo is of Soweto, Jo’burg.

Paola *Brazier

This African night in Northern Cape

Has me think of Brando in ‘Apocalypse Now’;

Surreal shadows and eclectic emotions jig

On sand, our skin and the faces-smiling.


In a shipping container the mobile shop is busy

While in the shanty shop business is hectic

Electric pink jackets on a lady turns my head;

We walk Oma and I

On toward home.


Shanty café for a toastie!; Soweto


We are walking across the township;

Lava bright threads of light sideways:

The paola is next to the welding

It’s at the back stoop of the Mandela hooses*.


Walking and walking in the chill of July

I wonder what happened to much of this in us

How our communities were bound and existed;

Interdependence, dependence, Independence

They do reels and dialectics in heid* and heart.


The red earth is dusty

Soon we will be in the kitchen

Out this light into another

We will drink tea and talk

As the chill air settles.

4 (2)


Thanks to Bruce Damer (interesting guy!) and Phil Bletherwick for SA photos above the latter.

For ST, ‘Mammy’ and rest of GT team in NC, SA.

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