Fame in the Cape


Years ago in the winter (oor summer)
We, I wis famous: Scottish dominies oot tae Sooth Africa
The Northern Cape schuils gied us bield.

We thocht we wir gien thaim ‘innovation’
Whan it wis saul renenwal
Kennin straught that love, hope cuin survive hunger
E’en deith or stervation.

An whan the steel drums gied it laldy,
Whan thir dancers performed
A wis greetin lik whan the first bairn wis born
Lik whan Andy Murray won lest year…



After the Independence vote
It will mean nothing, not an iota
He will stay be in care, still be in need
And the teachers, the Care Partners
Will do their best-never filling
What his early years didn’t give him.

We know many like Fraser
Boys or girls whose poverty is seen
Only by the constant movement and lacking
Early and later wounds give and gave.

For Fraser, for thousands like him
This political union has failed
Where ‘social justice’ is mouthed as a placebo
Simply for the Scottish stop
Before the London bus is taen*.