Deid Turning


Tolpuddle Martyrs

Dead Turning for David Cameron*
*Speech by David Cameron re: wanting Scotland to stay in the Union.

So the Prime Minister of Greater England
Bemoans the loss of his Scottish clan
As the clan dead lie upricht in their graves and armchairs
No reporter down in a water-soaked land
Will ask him
‘What are the languages of Scotland?’
‘Name some of the poems for the 25th of January-Burns’ Day?’
Nor will ane or one tell of a visit
Sunshine skinkling on a beautiful English river
Next to where the Magna Carta was signed
Or the admiration for Shakespeare or the Tolpuddle martyrs
Will a reporter ask of his College Club where members burn £50 notes
in front of the poor or hapless?

He is no devil
Shake his haun or hand either would do
And I’d say we are on one island
The poverty, lack of education or business
Is not good enough it is shaming
No matter how many sit and enrich themselves-
Look out my place of work
See it there, the north of England, parts of London tae
So a vote
For Independence
Nae separation
And Again.

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