*Screived in response to UK wide publicity that the origin of the English language was found and this was to be celebrated in a proposed museum.

The origin has been foond

Nae a gilded an bejewelled place of valour an gowd

Lik the Queen’s RP English

Naw the Scots leid’s birthin neuk is thon:

Hunners o years ago a bairn named Malcolm

Hid a skelf in his finger-a wee ane…

His cry o sairness an pain..

‘Weeh’ becum ‘wee’ an a leid was sterted

alive an kickin

The wirds hid thair DNA

An Rabbie Burns nae e’en a glimmer

Wid gie it a hansel as did Fergusson

Later Mackie anither Makar wid put his ain polish on

Scots…sittin gey weel an smert

On tap o Arthur’s Seat an the Billowness*

Watchin the threapin fer the Independence tae cum.

{Gowd-gold; leid-language; neuk-corner; skelf-small splinter of wood; hansel-gift; Robert Fergusson-Burns’ ‘father in the muse’-from Edinburgh; Alastair Mackie-a Scottish Makar/poet who taught me and passed away in 1995; *part of the coast in Ainster, Fife)

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