Malawian Heid Malawian Head


Malawian Heid

Malawian Head

It sits mony toned and bonny on the desk

Its sits many toned and attractive on the desk

The sweet-breid aroma o the wuid thrangs itsel through the years

The sweet smell of the wood works itself through the years

The Malawian wuid-carvers cairved it on bare five pund

The Malawian wood-carvers carved it on barely five pounds

A week in a winter heat thon meltit ma spine!

A week in a winter heat that melted my spine!

Jist ablow the stream whaur men an wummen wur kept apairt

Just below the stream where men and women were kept apart

The morning ablutions feenished wi a decorum that befitted the Auld Coorse Hotel

Breakfast room

The morning washing routine done with a decorum that matched the Old Course Hotel.

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