Nae First Attack Fae Rice


A kind o dominie cum janitor

Thare you wur, Sensei awa

Frae the bield o life in Okiniwa-

Bidin in a dormitory at the stert o karate in Japan

Enlightenment, the fist and zen as ane

Is makkit in years o graft and bluid

Abuin Shomyoji Temple ye skelp the makiwara

Echoes, growing noises an intense smack and spiral of movement….

A soond like a body batterin wee rice patties intae *mochi

Echoes aroon and further awa eneuch tae wake the deid

O the nearby cemetery tae.

A priest cums wi siller fer the rice cakes

Only tae find the small warrior is not that.


Mochi-a kind of ‘highly glutinous variety of rice cake’ I believe!

Gichin Funakoshi proposed there is no first attack in karate.

Inspired by the Article & Translation by Mark Tankosich accessed on Sensei Iain Abernethy’s UK website.

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