In Prague

It wis nae ‘Deith in Venice’

And nae like the puirest films he has been in-

Meeting Donald Sutherland was a brief encounter

Efter we huid left the sobering calm of the Jewish Museum

Just around the corner

His wee dug and partner were far friendlier

In this city where the swathes of European history is laid

In buildings, leids an cultures that tak ane

Fae centuries tae modernity an bak agin.

We left that shy film star

passing shops where only the richest shop

Where a ghetto and culture of the most ancient of religions

Had been destroyed and some remnant left simply as show

The animal in human always wants that display

Power over diversity, philistinism over understanding.

Puirest-poorest; huid-had; dug-dog; leids-language; fae-from

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