PB Isle of May

Thanks to for their permission to use this great picture.

Weddin Scramble

Afore the genome mappin project

Afore the internet, e’en Thatcher or Obama

Thare wis the kirk scramble in Ainster

Tae us bairns Babylon and Ramesses wis cum

As we skitit an barged fer the siller

In the days whan the idea o Big Brither

Wis the eldest awa on the trawlers or the airmy

Screichin an rinnin awa wi the spoils

Fer Italian ice cream wis oor focus;

The May Island luiks on still

As Ainster herbour huids its creel boats ticht

Bairns on Smartphones Skype worldwide miss

Pictish, Viking an Flemish fuitprints

In the Billowness san that taks a millennia tae mak

An mak agin.

Wedding Scramble

Before the genome project

Before the internet even before Thatcher or Obama

There was the church scramble in Anstruther

To us kids Babylon and Ramesses had arrived

As skidded and pushed in for the change

In the days when the idea of Big Brother

Was the eldest away on the trawlers or the army

Screeching and running away with the money

For Italian ice-cream was our focus;

The May Island looks on still

As Anstruther harbour keeps its creel boats safe

Kids on Smart phones Skype worldwide miss

Pictish, Viking and Flemish footprints

In the Billowness sand that takes millennia to create 

And create again.

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