Empi-A Poem




(A Shotokan dan kata formerly kent as Wanshu-describing movements like that of a swallow)

Dounward arc is a stap on evil

Drive it intae the yird an return

The nieve noo holstered

Saft-fist tae palm

A new dragon tae face

Intae a wechtie stap doun

Than upwird an roun

Dig intae belly an neb

Stap, block release a face strike

Neist a low daud an stap:

Meldin richt foreairm tae left elba

Demons awa an twa skelps tae breast or heid done

Lik snaw aff a dyke an ill

Win chynges the scaly satan’s attack

Cumin frae ahint in the sky

Claw an beak want tae tear ye

Attack an defend agin

Than as low an lown as the swallow

Huid fast thon new attack

Niver giein up…

Kata-Ashi-Dachi than Empi-Uchi

(On ane leg bring the enemy in

Brak wi the richt foreairm)

Screich the kai!

An agin an agin front an side parry an clour oot

Retreat, bend stance tae attack or feint

The battle rages on-the same stap an twa-fauld punch

Tae tak doun this ragin monster

It, and we are tiring as we turn executin

Teisho-uke than Teisho Kosa-uke

Haun an wrist staps huidin the beast ticht

Thon battle is fer an end

Slidin inside tae grab belly an heid

A muckle jump an leap wi shoot or kai!

Tak doun an bak the spoils o the battle

Step backwards licht wi nae bluid or sorrow

It is endit, feenished.

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