Heavy in Time

Her hair is well-done
The clothes tell of money and taste
Still her eyes never lift in a nexus of smartphone tapping
Fidgeting in a handbag or moving the empty coffee cup
We are the foreigners, the other customers look up
Note the new sounds singing amid the chat
Not her, no movement no rise of the head
Then it is there like a single hair on white screen or silk
A tiny wavy black line of make-up out of step
The cafe fountain continues outside
We move on to our food exhausted from the road
I leave her alone, not turning later
To see what possible tear came next.

* (Below is a Scots language version of the same piece)

Heavy in Time

Hir hair weel-done
The claes gie aff a sense o siller an guis shoppin
Still hir een nivver lift amang a stooshie smartphone tapping
An fidgetin in a haunbag or movin a toom emptie coffee cup
We are the strangers, the ither customers luik up
Mind the weird soonds amang thair chat
Nae her, no movement nae rise o hir heid
Than it is thare lik a single hair bidin on screen or silk
A peerie wavy bleck line o make-up oot o line
The cafe foontain continues ootside
We gang on tae oor food tired fae the road
A leave hir alane, nae turnin roun later
Tae keek whit possible tear cum next.

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