Herculean Bullfinch

Herculean Bullfinch

At the Pillar of Hercules cafe

He hops, coal-eyed onward to the crumbs

Organic cake or not they are all his

A brilliant March sun casts him in gold

Before he lifts away-a small ink-swirl

Flying above the hedge toward west Lomond

His intensity is the meat of spring

His departure the briefness of it all.

Andrew McNeil

Poem of the Day,  April 2013, The Herald



Mandela’s Prison Cell on Robben Island


In winter we visited the white quarry where Mandela worked

Robben Island where an Aushwitz like arch greets you

The banality of repression and prejudice glorified;

I imagine that will honed, re-honed sharpened with revision

Until it never slept

Now the shell fails, the physical man will fall

What a *fecht, what a fighter

Giving to us, to anyone the right not to live small.

*Scots word for fight