Fer Bob

An older piece like poem, In Waverley Mall which was originally published in The Herald newspaper.

Bob Hayes, died aged 59-1964 Olympic gold medallist and relay champion (in a split of 8.6). The only man to hold an Olympic gold and a Super Bowl ring from the NFL.

Fer Bob

Mair quick-twitch fibres than heather on Rannoch Moor,

Enough strength tae tummle the Bass Rock,

Keekin on the footage o 1964 niver guessin

The drinks an drugs tae cum.

Shreddin yer ain intenstines in public,

Noo the currency on-line, an on-air,

The shame o things put ye doun in the ’70’s.

The few billion seconds we daunder on thon kortal coil.

Nar quick an thon echt seconds that seared intae,

An earth’s granite-meltin mantle…

Whaur e’en the continents obey.


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